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Barton D. Schmitt, M.D., FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics; Bestselling author of Your Child’s Health: The Parents’ One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesses, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development; winner of the American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award

Healthcare Professionals

It’s not easy being a healthcare provider in the internet/cable news era. As practitioners, you are constantly bombarded by queries from an increasingly informed (but not always well-informed) patient population. Parents bring internet print-outs to their kids’ office visits with the expectation that the already overworked, overwrought pediatrician, family physician, school nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant will have read every new study and memorized every new development that could affect kids’ health. As kids’ caregivers, you need the most up to date tools for responding to parents and grandparents who understandably have “germ neurosis” from reading the daily headlines.

The tools you need are all in GERM PROOF YOUR KIDS. In this health-savvy society, you will welcome owning the book and arming yourselves with the important answers the book provides for parents. Put a copy of the book in your waiting room, school nurse’s office, or clinic to reinforce for parents the good advice you are giving them about their kids’ health.

And here are some additional aids for teaching parents about kids and germs:

Free Parent Handouts from Germ Proof Your Kids (for physicians’ offices and school clinics)

Concise, easy-to-read information for parents on important GERM topics like:

  • Kids’ Sports and GERMS
  • Sleep and GERMS
  • Nutrition and GERMS
  • Stress and GERMS
  • Exercise and GERMS
  • Weather, Wardrobe, and GERMS
  • Hand Hygiene
  • When antibiotics are unnecessary
  • Stopping the spread of GERMS in your homes
  • The HOT ZONES of infection outside the home
  • Many others

To obtain free handouts for your office or clinic, contact Dr. Rotbart: harley.rotbart@gmail.com


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