"Let GERM PROOF YOUR KIDS be your trusted ally when your child is in the throes of an illness or another disease outbreak makes headline news."

Marianne Neifert, M.D. (Dr. Mom®), pediatrician, bestselling author of Dr Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care and Dr. Mom’s Parenting Guide: Commonsense Guidance for the Life of Your Child; columnist for Parenting magazine, nationally renowned speaker and mother of five.


MomCentral.com (the leading internet website for moms) April, 2009:  Germ Proof Your Kids combines common sense and real science to answer parents’ most pressing questions about their kids and germs, helping us to feel both informed and protected – which will hopefully mean less school missed due to ear infections and Strep throat! After reading the book, it can easily serve as a reference for looking up anything that might be ailing your children. With both up to date information on disease prevention and age-old techniques perfected and used by many generations past, this is the medical book all moms want to have.

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Fox TV with American Idol Brooke White, February, 2009: "Grandma’s commonsense advice for cold and flu prevention has now been scientifically proven to work."

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SELF Magazine, February, 2009: "The truth about germs! There are simple ways to avoid most infections… Your queasy-making questions answered…"

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Redbook Magazine, January, 2009: "Protect your little flu bugs. With their runny noses and less-than-perfect hygiene, school-age kids are notorious germ factories, which is one of the reasons the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended for the first time that all kids 6 months and older get flu shots this year, not just those under 5. We asked Harley A. Rotbart, M.D., author of Germ Proof Your Kids, for other tips on keeping the entire family healthy this sneezy season."

CBS The Early Show, December, 2008: "Cold comfort! How can we stop a cold from spreading to the whole family? Really good advice."

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Parents Magazine, December, 2008: "With all the conflicting medical advice out there, it’s hard to know what’s best for your chiid. And everyone, from your neighbor to your mother-in-law, seems to have a different opinion…Tired of getting every cold and stomach virus your kid brings home? Here’s how to make sure she keeps her germs to herself."

Chicago Tribune, November, 2008: “Dangerous or merely disgusting? Eww, gross! Will all germs make you sick? The modern anti-microbial movement wants us to believe that the only good germ is a dead one. But certain kinds of bacteria are critical to our health, because they can strengthen our immune system. You can’t distinguish good germs from bad germs that cause illness; the trick is knowing when you’ve stepped into a potentially risky situation.”

Rocky Mountain News, October, 2008: “Grandma knew best. Old-fashioned rules still work to prevent flu, colds in winter…Good old-fashioned advice on warding off sick bugs has been buoyed by modern medical studies. Grandma says: Eat your vegetables. Regular exercise? Yup. A good night’s sleep? Yup. A balanced diet? You got it. Heeding regular health advice can keep the misery bugs away. Studies show that you can cut upper respiratory illnesses by more than a third and the number of school or work days missed by half with regular moderate exercise.”

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Washington Post, July, 2008: "Learn how to identify ‘good’ and ‘bad’ germs and how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases."

BusinessWeek.com, July, 2008: "Rotbart has practiced, taught and researched germ defense for more than 25 years. His book is one of the best-selling consumer health books of the year. He writes and teaches about widespread community confusion regarding so-called superbugs, school and home hygiene, vaccine safety, heath foods that purport to boost immunity, and other germy concerns of parents and health care professionals."

Focus on Microbiology Education Newsmagazine (MicrobeLibrary.org), June, 2008. The main purpose of Harley Rotbart’s Germ Proof Your Kids is to educate parents (and others) about infectious disease and its prevention. Rotbart’s approach is extremely practical and he explains concepts clearly and with adequate detail. One aspect that I particularly liked about this book is that it can be read from cover-to-cover, or it can be used as a reference guide for particular inquiries. Topics in the book range from cleanliness and personal hygiene to over-the-counter remedies, hand sanitizers, antibiotics, vaccines, and “old wives tales.”…He addresses all topics logically, weighing the merits and costs of each…The underlying theme of the book is the call to use common sense. Relatively simple ideas such as hand washing, proper food handling and preparation, teaching kids not to share drinks and toothbrushes, and cleaning surfaces after each diaper change (just to name a few) are stressed throughout the book. Rotbart calls upon parents to be cautious, but not overly so, of the potential danger that infectious agents pose. I would recommend this comprehensive guide to any parent who wants to keep his or her family healthy. Students and workers in the healthcare field and teachers, especially those working in day cares, will also benefit greatly from reading this very practical work.

Kathryn Sutton
Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa

CAPHIS (Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association), June, 2008. Fears of the plague to polio have ranked as a top concern for parents. With the advent of drug resistant infections invading the locker rooms of schools, parents have new reason to fear germs and wonder how they should be treated… Dr. Rotbart provides an entertaining and educational book exploring infectious diseases, prevention methods and treatments. There are several significant sections of the book. One section “Worthy Enemies” discusses the different germs and how they are spread. Another excellent discussion is in “Weapons in the War” focusing on the body’s natural defenses, antibiotics, antivirals, vaccinations (always a hot topic) and the use of nonprescription drugs. In “Wear Your Boots In The Rain” he focuses on the steps parents can take to keep their children healthy and discusses myths…There are truly no other books attempting to convey to consumers the depth of the information covered in this book. Consumer health libraries and public libraries will find this book useful for their collections and may consider putting it in the reference collection for quick perusal by their patrons. Parents though may want to read it cover to cover and in the end may want to have as a ready reference in their home libraries.

Julia Esparza, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Medical Library, Shreveport, LA.

CAPHIS, the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section, is a section of the Medical Library Association, an association of health information professionals with more than 5,000 individual and institution members. MLA fosters excellence in the professional achievement and leadership of health sciences library and information professionals to enhance the quality of health care, education, and research.

Microbe Magazine, June, 2008: "Rotbart, internationally respected pediatrician and infectious diseases expert, has no end of scientific knowledge on combating childhood diseases…Reconciling scientific and traditional approaches is at the heart of Rotbart’s new book, Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections…The result is a valuable guide brimming with practical advice and technical information, ideal for physicians and parents alike.Germ Proof Your Kids is written in a logical progression that first defines the “germ enemies,” explains the diseases caused by those germs, and then provides information on prevention and treatment of those diseases. Readers will come away with a full picture of why germs cause diseases and the steps they can take to keep their children safe. However, with such chapters as “Sanitary Sanity” and “Prudent Paranoia,” Germ Proof Your Kids is also intended to prevent parents and physicians from waging a full-scale war on germs.

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Parents Magazine, April, 2008: “You can help reduce your child’s chance of getting sick”

Doody s Reviews, April, 2008:“Clear, concise…There are many self-help books for parents regarding all aspects of child care… This one is unique in its concentration on prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.”

Michael Wasserman, M.D. (Ochsner Clinic Foundation)

National Public Radio, March 7, 2008: "Parents want to protect their children from bacteria, viruses and other bugs without overprotecting them with methods that don’t work or which might do more harm than good.  There is a new resource for parents, a new book called Germ Proof Your Kids by Dr. Harley Rotbart."

Book News, March, 2008: “Rotbart offers parents and physicians the inside scoop on preventing children (and the rest of the family) from infection by germs and other nasties. Writing in an accessible, humorous style, he combines the latest scientific findings…with the age-old wisdom of Mom and Grandma.”

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Redbook Magazine, January, 2008: "The Real Deal on Germs!"

Essential Nursing Bookshelf, 2008: “”Germ Proof Your Kids” named an “Essential Nursing Bookshelf Title – Chosen by clinical experts and medical librarians as the essential titles in nursing.”

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 25, 2008:  “More than 25 years of experience with pediatric infectious diseases has taught Rotbart, a professor and vice chair of pediatrics at the University of Colorado-Denver and the Children’s Hospital of Denver, that germ control lies somewhere between the mom-isms of good nutrition and good hygiene and traditional scientific approaches to germ treatment.With the right balance of information in hand, he believes parents can help children stay healthy.”

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USA Today, December 10, 2007: "Germ Confusion Runs Rampant…but there are answers in Rotbart’s Germ Proof Your Kids – The Complete Guide to Protecting (without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections"

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"Whether you are a new or seasoned parent, invisible threats to your child’s welfare can leave you feeling anxious and powerless. Let GERM PROOF YOUR KIDS be your trusted ally when your child is in the throes of an illness or another disease outbreak makes headline news. Dr. Harley Rotbart—a knowledgeable pediatrician, distinguished professor, internationally recognized infectious disease specialist, and experienced parent—knows first-hand the havoc germs can wreak on our children, families, and society. Translating complex scientific concepts into practical, easily readable, and entertaining information, Dr. Rotbart equips parents to understand a vast array of infections and how they are spread, to comply with prescribed treatments and preventive immunization schedules, and to reduce the number of illnesses that children acquire. Read GERM PROOF YOUR KIDS cover-to-cover or use it as a handy reference guide to look up specific germs, diseases, or treatments affecting your own child. This clear and comprehensive resource will dispel your germ phobias, bring clarity to today’s alphabet-soup of infectious disease threats, and arm you with empowering perspective, prudence, and common sense."

Marianne Neifert, M.D. (Dr. Mom®), pediatrician, bestselling author of Dr Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care and Dr. Mom’s Parenting Guide: Commonsense Guidance for the Life of Your Child; columnist for Parenting magazine, nationally renowned speaker and mother of five.

"Parents should read this book. In an entertaining and easy to understand way, Dr. Rotbart explains everything a parent needs to know about infections. This is a terrific book!”

Stephen Berman, M.D., FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics; Past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics; author of Pediatric Decision Making

"Allow Dr. Rotbart to guide you through our germy world, separating fact from fiction. Follow his expert advice on how to prevent and treat the infections of childhood.”

Barton D. Schmitt, M.D., FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics; Bestselling author of Your Child’s Health: The Parents’ One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesses, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development; winner of the American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award

"Definitely the book to buy to find the up-to-the-minute information that parents want on everyday childhood infections, their prevention and treatment.”

Donald Schiff, M.D., FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics; Past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics; bestselling author of The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Symptoms: The Official, Complete Home Reference, Birth Through Adolescence


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